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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Increase speed of system startup

Increase System Startup Speed and system speed.

    - Press Ctrl+R
    - write msconfig in run (Press Ctrl+R)
    - then you will see system configuration Pop-up

Increase System Startup

    - Open system startup menu.
    - you will see system start-up Items there.
    - Now Uncheck which is not required.
    - Then Click on Apply and Ok.
    - Then restart PC.

Increase System Speed 

  - Open Services .
    - you will see All services like Microsoft services and system start-up Items there.
    - Here don't  have to Uncheck Microsoft Services.
    - So.Hide all Microsoft Services then you will see other services.
    - UncheThen Which services are not required.
    - Then Click on Apply and Ok
    - Then restart PC.

You will feel good working system.


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